x10 Thinking For Your Business

Dr Hewitt-Gleeson believes that unlike business training, military training of the mind has evolved dramatically faster due to the pressure of the bottom line. As a war veteran, he has applied his experience from the military into the design of a robust corporate training service that teaches internal stakeholders lateral thinking techniques.

“The most difficult feat of human thinking is to escape from the box of our own logic.” - Michael Hewitt-Gleeson

The x10 Thinking system is a cost efficient and fully online service, which is available upon request of the CEO as a tool to support and empower business strategy for much better return on payroll.

As a bottom up approach, the x10 Thinking service helps businesses to gain greater value from their employees by teaching people at all levels of the business to improve the way they think and make their daily decisions.

Working with the belief that thought leaders can come from all facets of the business, the x10 Thinking service will teach employees to apply the equation CVS x10 = BVS into their field of expertise through a series of online lessons.

By creating better thinkers internally you are able to:

Transform the business structure and direction

Gain greater return on payroll

Stimulate innovation

Provide shareholders with better value

Ultimately, the x10 Thinking corporate service can multiply desired business outcomes by 10.

How the service works:

Starting with the commitment from the CEO, the x10 Thinking service includes:

An opt-in program for internal stakeholders

Daily online x10 lessons created by Dr Hewitt-Gleeson

Access to Dr Hewitt-Gleeson as the mentor of the program

A valuable report which collates key findings and implications delivered at the end of the program

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