The Book

The x10 book, written by Dr Michael Hewitt-Gleeson, will change the way you approach business growth.

Challenging the outdated growth strategy of 10% per annum, this book will present to you a new way of thinking about business. This informative read can help you to shift current stagnant strategies to ones that are effective and that reflect the nature of the business market today.

For businesses looking to build greater value for their customers, x10 is an infectious concept that will help you to multiply your business by 10 as did Larry Page of Google and Jack Welch of GE.

The x10 Memeplex includes three tutorials which are followed by a case study, which will help you to put into effect what you have learnt and transfer these ideas into your own business practices.

Once understood, implementing x10 into your business can deliver results simply by changing thought processes.

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