x10 Thinking Overview

Over thirty years ago, Dr Hewitt-Gleeson first wrote about the better view of the situation (BVS) being ten times better than the current view of the situation (CVS) in his best-selling book, NewSell.

It’s this equation (CVS x10 = BVS) that informs x10 Thinking.

Dr Hewitt-Gleeson applied this simple but powerful cognitive strategy into a fully online corporate service and he has been successfully transforming businesses, like IBM and GE, for over a decade.

Jack Welch of GE, arguably one of the most admirable and successful business leaders of recent history, engaged Michael to implement GE x10 using his revolutionary business thinking system. Jack publicly described Michael as “a friend of GE” due to the inspiration that x10 injected into his management team, helping to transform GE into the powerhouse it is today.

Larry Page, the visionary founder and CEO of Google has been quoted (WIRED, Feb 2013) as saying “I live by the gospel of 10x”.


Who is Dr Michael Hewitt-Gleeson?

Dr Hewitt-Gleeson is the daily mentor for x10 Thinking programs.

An intellectual philanthropist and world expert in lateral thinking, Dr Hewitt-Gleeson has been sought as a business strategist by senior businesses around the globe.

He is the first person in the world to hold a Doctorate in Lateral Thinking* and is the author of 13 books in this field, including the classic best-seller Software For Your Brain.

Located in Melbourne and San Francisco, Dr Hewitt-Gleeson is the father of x10 Thinking and co-founder of the School of Thinking – an independent school based on the Internet that has disseminated over half a billion lessons since 1979.

*Dr Hewitt-Gleeson holds a Doctor of Philosophy in Cognitive Science from the International College, Los Angeles with an association with New York University (NYU).

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